Multiple Sclerosis

21st December 2021

What is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affect the central nervous system. It is a condition that damages the myelin sheath which insulates the nerve fibres. This means nerve conduction through the fibres moves much more slowly. This means that someone having multiple sclerosis can have unpredictable symptoms.

Are there different types of MS?

There are four types of MS: 

  1. Relapsing-remitting MS – is the most common type and has short attacks to the CNS followed by complete or partial return to normal function.
  2. Secondary progressive MS – begins as relapse-remitting MS accompanied by a steady decline in function.
  3. Primary progressive MS – progression of the disease where a steady decline in function experienced from the onset of the disease.
  4. Progressive -relapsing remitting MS – similar to PPMS but has more acute attacks.

What problems can I have with MS?

You may have difficulty walking and getting around, not sure how to exercise, may be falling or tripping, or finding yourself weaker, having poorer balance, having heat sensitivity and in pain. 

How does physiotherapy help with MS?

Physiotherapy helps discover strategies to manage your symptoms and improve your mobility and your independence in everyday life.

We can help you:

  • Improve your ability to mobilise or transfer at home or outdoors.
  • Improve your exercise tolerance by providing exercises customised to you.
  • Recommendations regarding mobility equipment to use and check for hazards in the home if you are at risk of falls.
  • An individualized exercise program for you to do at home or in the pool.
  • Education about your symptoms
  • Carer training for your support workers to help assist you.

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