Falls Prevention

21st December 2021

Why is there so much attention for falls prevention?

  • Around a third of all people aged over 65 years fall each year.
  • Having previous falls is an important indicator for falls risk. Specific groups have higher falls rate for example Parkinson’s disease or people aged over 85+.
  • Falls can happen doing daily tasks, like vacuuming the house, or when shopping.
  • 47% of non-injured fallers are unable to get themselves up by themselves from the floor.

Are falls that harmful?

It is a common reason for admission to hospital for older adults. 22-60% suffer from injuries of falls, in which 2-6% suffer fractures including wrist, arm and hip fractures.

How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists understand human movement and function really well, and are trained to work with the older adults to prevent falls. They can do this by providing:

  • Education about falls and why it is of concern for your health.
  • Reviewing possible hazards in relation to falls.
  • Assessing any lack of balance and strength that can be related to falls.
  • Checking the way you walk and see if you need a walking aid or help improve your walking.
  • Provide exercise interventions and strategies to help assist you in preventing falls

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