Active physiotherapy is the process where the patient actively engages in exercises to move their muscles or area of physical injury. This is different to passive therapy where treatments such as dry needling and electrotherapy are applied by the physiotherapist.

Active physiotherapy will help to improve your cardiovascular capacity, control pain, and increase your capacity to work and play. We can assist in tailoring a treatment plan to specifically for clients to conduct during clinic appointments.

Manage and improve core strength,
muscle pain, joint pain and neurological

Our exercise physiotherapists will create a
tailored program to improve your
performance and well-being

We deliver safe and effective programs
to manage complex medical conditions

“The body says what words cannot”

Martha Graham


What is active physiotherapy?

Active physiotherapy involves the patient using energy to physically move their muscles or the injured area of the body. Exercises that could be utilised in active physiotherapy include running, walking, stretching, and cycling. This differs from passive physiotherapy in which techniques such as dry needling, electrotherapy, or use of hot or cold on the affected area are utilised.

When is active physiotherapy used?

Active therapy is used in the later stages of physiotherapy when the patient can move the muscles and joints around the affected area with little discomfort. It is used help the patient increase their range of motion in and around the injured area.

What injuries typically require active physiotherapy?

Most injuries for which you will see a physiotherapist will require the use of active physiotherapy at some stage of the healing process. Generally, if the injury occurred through a movement, active physiotherapy will be utilised.